19th SoCalBio Conference

September 29, 2017 -- Hilton Long Beach, Long Beach, CA

Conference will be preceded by a CEO reception and dinner on September 28, from 5 to 9 pm

SoCalBio is a nonprofit, member-supported trade association that promotes life-science research, development, manufacturing, job creation and overall economic growth in the six counties of the Greater Los Angeles region (Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Riverside and San Bernardino). The Council’s programs help local firms gain access to capital, potential partners and business support services. The annual SoCalBio Investor & Partnering Conference has grown to become the region's premiere showcase for emerging life-science companies and technologies.

This year, the SoCalBio Conference will feature:

  • More than 30 emerging, pre-screened and mentored bioscience companies,
  • High quality keynote presentations touching on market and technology trends,
  • Numerous plenary sessions
  • A poster show
  • Ample opportunities for networking, learning and information exchange to help guide entrepreneurs in their fund raising and partner formation endeavors.

Detailed Agenda

7:00 am

Registration and Breakfast

8:00 am

Introduction and Welcoming Remarks

8:30 am

Morning Fireside Chat with a Leading Biotech Company on the Ingredients of Successful Fundraising

9:00 am

Panel Discussion on “Strengthening the Bioscience Industry Funding EcoSystem in Greater Los Angeles”

  • Adam Bazih, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Kairos Ventures
  • Steven Goldman, Investor, Keiretsu Capital & President & CEO, World Wide Mind
  • Elliot Friedman, Chairman, Qijian HK Fund
  • Alexander Suh, Managing Director, California Technology Ventures

10:00 am


10:15 am

Emerging Company Presentations (Group I)


  • OrexBio (Biodegradable carrier for protein drug delivery by the mouth)
  • Vault Pharma (Uses the human vault particle to deliver peptide payloads for unique immune signaling)
  • C&C Biopharma (A novel small molecule showing promising potential for curing hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and effectively treating heart failure)
  • CaliVive, Inc. (A nutraceutical product designed to simulate the benefits of gastric bypass surgery by providing an oral nutrient stimulus directly into the jejunum, bypassing the stomach)
  • Eliaz Therapeutics (GALECTIN-3 removal by therapeutic apheresis to treat kidney disease)
  • Evince Biosciences (Provides rapid identification and selection of drug candidates using biologically-based, functional screening criteria)

Dx & Sensors:

  • DxTerity Diagnostics (Develops genomic tests and provides contract services and technologies to assist partner organizations in developing and validating their own tests)
  • PercuSense (A platform of single and multi-analyte sensors for early warning, monitoring, diagnosis and treatment of sepsis and other diseases, such as diabetes and cancer)
  • SELFA Inc. (Developing a diagnostic platform that has the potential for making a transformational impact in clinical diagnostics)
  • Phagetech LLC (Electrochemical biosensor platform for low-cost diagnostic testing)
  • Velox Biosystems (Developing a Dx platform for rapid and sensitive tests)   
  • OncoTracker Inc. (Biomarkers for multiple myeloma)   

Digital Health:

  • Ceresti Health (Digital health programs train and support family caregivers to improve care and reduce costs for persons living with Alzheimer's)
  • Deep6 AI (Artificial intelligence for enrolling patients in clinical trials)
  • Moving Analytics, Inc. (A digital platform for providing post-acute care management of cardiopulmonary disease)
  • RnVentory (A digital platform to streamline the management and augmentation of nursing staff in any given healthcare facility at any given time)
  • SingFit (A digital health company merging music, health, and technology to improve the health and happiness of seniors)
  • Vivace Systems (Healthcare data analytics and SaaS software solutions for operating room scheduling and management)

11:45 am


12:00 am


12:30 pm

Plenary Session I:

“Fireside Chat with Amgen Business Development Team”

Meet leaders of Amgen’s business development team to learn about partnering in the fight against serious illnesses.

Jeremy Grunstein
Executive Director Technology / Outlicensing Amgen

Rachna Khosla
Executive Director Transactions Amgen

Jessica Droge
Executive Director External R&D Amgen

1:30 pm


1:45 pm

Emerging Company Presentations (Group II)


  • Batu Biologics (Immunotherapy approach to stimulate an immune response against the tumor endothelium)
  • GlyTR Therapeutics (ImmunoTherapy technology for treating different types of cancer, from breast cancer to Leukemia)
  • AGP Therapeutics (ImmunoTherapy for neurodegenerative diseases)
  • Anvyl LLC (Therapies for treating cognitive-deficit disorders)
  • Aspire BioScience (Endocannabinoid-based therapeutics for treatment of opioid addiction and non-addictive pain management) 
  • Capricor Therapeutics (First-in-class biological therapies for the treatment of rare diseases)
  • AcuraStem (Stem cell treatment of neurodegenerative disease)
  • Syntr Health Technologies (Stem cells for treating diabetic foot ulcers)


  • Clearsight (Developing an accommodating PC Intraocular Lens)
  • Leo Labs (Peripheral nerve stimulation device for the treatment of Episodic Migraines)
  • Maebu (Non-invasive ultrasonic thermal ablation system to target tumors)
  • Mimetix (Developing a device-based solution for osteoporosis)
  • Pulmostics (Device for breath analysis)
  • DermaPort (Percutaneous vascular access system for hemodialysis)
  • Respirix(Non-invasive cardiac monitoring device for CHF patients)
  • Stasis Labs(Devices for remote patient monitoring)

Imaging & Other Instruments:

  • Perimeter Medical Imaging (Advanced surgical imaging tools that allow surgeons, radiologists and pathologists to better assess microscopic tissue structures during surgical procedures)
  • Thermal View Monitoring (Developing an image guidance system that gives surgeons a real-time, 3-D temperature map they can use to identify cancerous cells during thermal ablation)
  • Meniscence LLC (Optical interferometry to determine the liquid fill level of microplate wells)
  • Platinum Group Coating, Inc. (High performance Electroplated Platinum Iridium Coated electrodes for biomedical stimulation and sensing applications)

4:00 pm


4:15 pm

Breakout Sessions:

Session I: Accessing Non-Dilutive Funding


• Dave D Hood, MS MBA PMP, President & CEO, DH3 & Associates


• William Howell, Retired Senior Executive Service (SES), US Army Medical
Research and Material Command), COO, Medical Technology Enterprise
Consortium (MTEC)
• Stephen F. Flaim, Ph.D., FACC, FAHA [C], Senior Special Advisor
(contractor), Office of Translational Alliances & Coordination, Division of
Extramural Research Activities, National Heart, Lung and Blood Institutes,
• Paul Smith, Senior Area Manager, US Small Business Administration

Session II: Meet Participating Investors

• List (TBA)

Session III: Managing Risk for Investors and Funded Companies

• Speakers (TBA)

5:30 pm

Concluding Reception

7:00 pm

Conference Adjourns