20th Annual SoCalBio Conference

September 28, 2018 — The Westin Long Beach, CA

Conference will be preceded by a CEO reception and dinner on September 27, from 5 to 9 pm

SoCalBio is a nonprofit, member-supported trade association that promotes life-science research, development, manufacturing, job creation and overall economic growth in the six counties of the Greater Los Angeles region (Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Riverside and San Bernardino). The Council’s programs help local firms gain access to capital, potential partners and business support services. The annual SoCalBio Investor & Partnering Conference has grown to become the region’s premiere showcase for emerging life-science companies and technologies.

This year, the SoCalBio Conference will feature:

  • About 30 emerging, pre-screened and mentored bioscience companies,
  • High quality keynote presentations touching on market and technology trends,
  • Plenary sessions
  • Cocktail reception, good food and Ample opportunities for networking

Pre-Conference CEO Dinner Agenda on September 27:

5:00 PM      Registration, Networking and Cocktail Reception

6:15 PM      Dinner

6:45 PM      Introductions and Recognition of Sponsor

7:00 PM      Presentation on the Pulse of the Bioscience Industry in Greater Los Angeles

7:30 PM      Panel Discussion with Audience Participation

8:15 PM      Concluding Remarks

8:30 PM      Networking with Speakers

9:00 PM      Dinner Adjourns

Detailed Agenda

7:00 AMRegistration and Breakfast
8:00 AMIntroduction and Welcoming Remarks
8:30 AM

Morning Fireside Chat

Immunotherapy from Science to Value:

Los Angeles as the Epicenter of Precision Medicine

This fireside chat will focus on the future of immunotherapy and precision medicine following the success of Kite Pharma in bringing the first CAR T-Cell Drug – YESCARTA – to market.  The chat will also explore how Los Angeles can build on the success of Kite to be the epicenter of precision medicine.


  • Peter Blaisdell, Ph.D., Scientific Advisor, Meditope and Chair, SoCalBio Innovation Catalyst  Program
  • Stephen Williams, Ph.D., Partner, Catalyst Advisors LP and member of the SoCalBio Innovation Catalyst Program


  • Peter Emtage, Ph.D., Global Head of Cell Therapy Research, Kite Pharma, a Gilead Company
9:30 AM

Plenary Session II

Trends in Developing Therapeutic Devices:

Will Medical Devices Replace Drugs in Treating Diseases?

Medical technology innovations are accelerating due to advances in science and the convergence of disciplines such as biology, engineering, and physics. Such convergence manifests itself in the rise of new segments of the medical device industry, such as electroceuticals. These new segments promise to fundamentally transform the health care delivery by offering faster, cheaper and better treatments of disease. Is this a pipe dream or are we closer to transforming this promise into reality?


  • Robert Greenberg, MD, Ph.D., Executive Chairman, AMF
  • Thomas Lobl, Ph.D., Entrepreneur-in-Residence, AMI-USC


  • Mike Faltys, CTO, SetPoint Medical
  • Stephanie Fertig, MBA, Director, NINDS Small Business Programs, NIH
  • Allison KomiyamaPh.D., Owner & Principal Consultant, Acknowledge Regulatory Services
  • Victor Pikov, Ph.D., CEO, MediPace, Inc., and former Director, Research Platform, Galvani Bioelectrics

Emerging Company Presentations in Three Parallel  Tracks

Track I (Biotech Therapeutics)


  • Mohammad Kondri, Trade Commissioner, Consulate General of Canada
  • Yingly Wong, Ph.D., Attorney, Perkins Coie 

10:50       Immix Biopharma (A clinical-stage company developing a platform to block tumor resistance to treatment)

11:05       Valley Fever Solutions (Developing Nikkomycin Z as a cure for Valley Fever)

11:20       EndoCyclic Therapeutics (Non-hormonal treatment of endometriosis)

11:35       Capricor (First-in-class biological therapies for the treatment of rare diseases)

Track II  (Device Innovations)


  • Josue Villalta, Partner, Knobbe Martens
  • William Dolphin, Ph.D., Cue Squared

10:50       StimAire (Wireless, non-surgical stimulation of the hypoglossal nerve which reduces hypopnea events in patients with obstructive sleep apnea)

11:05       Senseer (Smart micro-sensing platform technologies for remote monitoring to guide evidence-based treatment)

11:20       Cactus Medical (technology to automatically detect ear infections in children)

11:35       Eyedaptic (Wearable augmented reality (AR) vision assistance for those with Age-Related Macular Degeneration and retinal disease)

Track III (Digital Health Solutions)


  • Bill Lewis, Sr. VP, Bolton & Company
  • Steve Goldman, Member, Keiretsu Capital

10:50       ExpyHealth (A PreHab and ReHab digital health solution that guides patients through a daily program to prepare for and recover from surgery)

11:00       Visus Technology (Motion analytics and home health for improved clinical outcomes)

11:10       Voxel Healthcare (Medical imaging company focused on building a suite of 3D measurement tools for MRI brain images of children during development that leverages recent developments in machine learning technology)

11:20       WeHealth (A digital platform to recruit patients into clinical trials)

11:40       Caringly (Handoff application developed by nurses)

1:00 PM

Luncheon Plenary Session:

Trends in Healthcare Investments, Partnering, and Exits

This session will feature an introductory presentation and a provocative discussion on the life-science funding landscape, partnering opportunities, M&As and IPOs.  It is designed to help emerging companies navigate the complex strategic investing, partnering, and M&A landscape.


  • Joseph Boystak, Managing Director of Corporate Finance, Health2047 Inc.

Introductory Presentation:

  • Soraya Scroggins, Managing Director, Medical Technology, Life Science Tools & Diagnostics, Barclays


  • Kara Bortone, Ph.D., Head of JLABS San Diego
  • Jessica Droge, Executive Director, External R&D, Business Development, Amgen
  • Jeremy Grunstein, Executive Director, Technology / Out-licensing, Business Development, Amgen
2:30 PM

Emerging Company Presentations in Three Parallel Tracks

Track I (Therapeutic Biotech)


  • Charles McWilliams, Sr. VP, VWR
  • Winn Hong, Sr. Project Manager, AMI – USC

2:35         NanoDerm (Slow-Release nanoparticle intradermal solutions for skin diseases)

2:50         OncoTracker (Diagnostics and therapeutics for multiple myeloma)

3:05         Novelogics Biotechnology Inc. (Immunotherapeutic antibodies targeting soluble NKG2D ligands (MICA/B) using a novel interceptor approach)

3:20         Sixal (Therapeutics to prevent anaphylaxis from food allergies)

Track II (Innovative Devices)


  • George Colindres, Attorney, Perkins Coie
  • Stelian Damu, Partner, Moss Adams

2:35         Avenda Health (A proprietary laser technology to precisely treat prostate tumors without compromising urinary or sexual function)

2:50         DxTerity Diagnostics  (A patient-centric genomics company bringing the power of real-world genomics with from-home RNA monitoring to improving the management of immune-mediated disease)

3:05         Airware (Patented breakthrough in non-invasive, optical monitoring of interstitial glucose)

3:20         Activ Sitting Inc. (Exercise chair with built-in behavior-change software)

Track III (Tools and Instruments)


  • Steve Maylish, CEO, Fusion Biotech
  • Steven Corr, Partners, Jones Day

2:35         Charlot Biosciences (A novel microfluidics platform for cellular analysis)

2:50         PharmetRx (Next Gen. drug discovery and development)

3:05         SMSbiotech ( A unique patented technology to manufacture human Extracellular Matrix for use in regenerative medicine)

3:20         Ferrologix (Low cost, disposable chip that enables rapid aseptic purification of rare cells from large (10^9) mixed populations using a technique called magnetic ratcheting cytometry)

3:45 PM


Breakout Sessions

Session I:  Tapping Non-Dilutive Funding for Success

The use of non-dilutive funds should be an important component of your fund-raising strategy. Such funding has many benefits.

  • Non-dilutive funds can provide needed cash, particularly in the seed and early stages, to support your R&D efforts.
  • Non-dilutive funding allows founders and existing shareholders to retain company ownership and control.
  • Furthermore, non-dilutive funding provides important validation of the team and technology thereby helping in follow-on rounds of funding from private equity and other investors.

This session will provide tips on how to access non-dilutive funding from government sources such as NIH, DoD, and BARDA


  • Ross Donaldson, President and CEO, Critical Innovations LLC
  • Stephanie Fertig, MBA, Director, NINDS Small Business Programs, National Institutes of Health
  • Dave D. Hood, President, and CEO, DH3 & Associates
  • Andrew Norris, Ph.D., Founder, BCN Biosciences

Session II: The Numbers Game: Do You Know the Value of Your Technology or Company?

This breakout session will help you understand what is involved in evaluating a new biotechnology or the company seeking to commercialize it. The valuation of pre-product, particularly pre-clinical companies is a challenge. Often times, investment deals collapse because of disagreement between company founders and investors over company valuation. Learning how to account adequately for the cost, risk, and time inherent in product development in essential to research a realistic assessment of company value and decide whether to accept a term sheet.


  • George Colindres, Attorney, Perkins Coie
  • Stelian Damu, Partner, Moss Adams
  • Soraya Scroggins, Managing Director, Medical Technology, Life Science Tools & Diagnostics, Barclays

Session III: Med Device Makers and Cyber Risks

Whether you are a device investor or a medtech company raising funds to support its R&D activities, conduct clinical studies and meet overall operational responsibilities, you should learn how to strategically manage cyber risks as the digital technology continues to evolve.


  • William Lewis, Sr. VP, Bolton & Company


  • Noel Bertman, Sr. Life Sciences Underwriter Chubb
  • Robert Starr, Sr. Claims Adjuster, Chubb
4:45 PM

Breakout Sessions

Session 1: Meet Local Angel Investors


  • Steve Goldman, Member, Keiretsu Forum


  • Dimitri Villard, Member, Techcoast Angels
  • Anthony Valencia, Member, Pasadena Angels
  • Connie Harrell, President, Keiretsu Forum SoCal

Session II: Meet Local Venture Investors


  • Jay Goth, Managing Partner, Forentis Fund


  • Troy Barring, Adventus Ventures
  • Victor Subandhi, General Partner, Blangkond Ventures
  • Alex Suh, Managing Director, California Technology Ventures
  • Kara Bortone, Ph.D., J&J Innovation
  • Dan Wasserman, Mammoth Health Innovation
  • Chris Bostick, Ph.D., OCV Partners
  • David Lee, Managing Partner, Solve Ventures
  • Gerard Casale, Managing Director, TYLT Ventures
  • Jay Goss, Partner, WaveMaker Three-Sixty Health LP
  • Others TBA

Session III: Raising Money from Family Offices

  • David Creen, Objective Capital Partners
  • Jim Hedges, Los Angeles Family Office Association
5:45 PM  

Closing Reception

Join us for food and drinks to celebrate the conclusion of the conference. This is a great opportunity for networking, one last chance to connect in person with fellow entrepreneurs, speakers, and participating investors.

7:00 PM  Conference Adjourns