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Presenting Companies

2022 Cohort

  1. ACatechol, Inc. (Self-sanitizing catheters preventing bloodstream infections)
  2. Acorn Biolabs Regenerative (medicine company, developing the first non-invasive solution to preserving individuals younger follicle cells for use in future cell treatments.)
  3. Advanced Medical Device Technologies, Inc. (Offers fluid warming, respiratory, and disinfectant solutions)
  4. AmerStem (Commercializing a plant-based platform to produce adjuvants for vaccine manufacturing)
  5. AseptiScope (Infection Protection for Clinician & Patient with novel aseptic solutions)
  6. BactoByte (Novel microbial diagnostics enabling precise antibiotics treatment in one hour)
  7. CBio (Builds analytical equipment to ensure cell and viral vector gene therapy actually works as expected)
  8. Cenna Biosciences (Novel therapeutics for Alzheimer’s disease)
  9. Deep01 (AI-Powered Anomaly Detection Solution of Brain CT Images)
  10. EBT Medical (Neuromodulating of pelvic health function, beginning with overactive bladder using the Saphenous nerve)
  11. Entelexo Biotherapeutics, Inc. (Engineering exosomes for therapeutic applications in ocular GVHD and MS)
  12. FluidIQ (Developing a proprietary platform of fluidics-operated devices dedicated to filling gaps in emergency and preparedness protocols that are user-friendly, scalable and cost-effective)
  13. Geshtalti (SaaS in mental fitness)
  14. Hippo T&C (Specializes in ADHD virtual realty medical devices)
  15. Invectys (Developing CAR T for solid tumors)
  16. Isoplexis (Accelerating the Next Generation of Immune Medicine with Single-Cell Functional Proteomics)
  17. MACH32 (Medical devices for trauma care)
  18. NuvOx Pharma (A clinical stage biotechnology company developing a first-in-class oxygen therapeutic to treat life-threatening diseases where hypoxia plays a role)
  19. NZ Technologies (Specializing in the design and manufacture of advanced Human Machine Interaction (HMI) products with applications in minimally invasive surgeries)
  20. OkuloVision Inc. (Regeneration of retinal cones to restore vision)
  21. Oncoustics (Uses AI to analyze raw data streams on PoC Ultrasound revealing novel biomarkers for rapid disease diagnosis and surveillance) 
  22. Phoenix Molecular Designs (Cancer precision therapeutics)
  23. Pneumenic Medical (A Novel Visual Detection Device for Needle Thoracostomy)
  24. Poseidon Laboratory (Developing an engineered protein scaffold as a biological therapeutic to address unmet medical needs)
  25. Rancho Santa Fe Bio, Inc. (Ataciguat, a nitric oxide-independent soluble guanylate cyclase activator, is being developed by RSF Bio for the treatment of moderate CAVS)
  26. SeeMedX (Creates smart noninvasive monitors and telehealth devices)
  27. SPG Therapeutics, Inc. (Developing SPG-3, a topical formulation of a novel compound based on spironolactone targeting the androgen receptor with the goal of treating unmet medical needs in dermatology)
  28. TeleBionex (AI-driven wearable and insights to keep you connected to your caregivers)

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