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2017 Cohort

Companies Presented in 2017 Conference

Justin Ichida, PhD.
Co-founder & President


Qing Liu, PhD.
Co-founder & CSO


Stem cell treatment of neurodegenerative disease

Michael Agadjanyan
Founder & CSO
Harry Lander


ImmunoTherapy for neurodegenerative diseases

Richard Kanner

David Putman


Therapies for treating cognitive-deficit disorders

Aspire BioScience

Soren Mogelsvang
Daniele Piomelli


Endocannabinoid-based therapeutics for treatment of opioid addiction and non-addictive pain management

Samuel C Wagner
Founder & CEO

Thomas Ichim
Founder &  CSO


Immunotherapy approach to stimulate an immune response against the tumor endothelium

C&C BioPharma

Dahai Gai, Ph.D.

Xiaojiang Chen, PhD


Heart Failure &  Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Carol Christopher
Cofounder and CEO

Elizabeth Beale Demetriades
Cofounder and CMO

Nutracept product designed to simulate the benefits of gastric bypass surgery by providing an oral nutrient stimulus directly into the jejunum, bypassing the stomach

Linda Marban, PhD
President & CEO

AJ Bergmann
VP of Finance


 First-in-class biological therapies for the treatment of rare diseases

Dirk Soenksen
Co-founder & CEO


Kevin Liang, PhD
Co-founder & CSO


Patient engagement for seniors with multiple medical conditions


Khalid Mentak
Shravanthi Reddy


Developing an accommodating PC Intraocular Lens

Wout Brusselaers
Founder & CEO

Andrew Hall


Artificial intelligence for enrolling patients in clinical trials


Gregory Zikos
Co-Founder & CEO



Percutaneous vascular access system for hemodialysis

Bob Terbrueggen
Founder & CEO

Jim Healy


Develops genomic tests and provides contract services and technologies to assist partner organizations in developing and validating their own tests

Isaac Eliaz
Founder & CEO

Anat Stern
VP of BD


GALECTIN-3 removal by therapeutic apheresis to treat kidney disease

GlyTR Therapeutics

Michael Demetriou
Raymond Zhou


ImmunoTherapy technology for treating different types of cancer, from breast cancer to Leukemia

Leo Labs

Michael Hemati
Co-Founder & CEO
Daniel Burnett
Co-Founder & CTO


Peripheral nerve stimulation device for the treatment of Episodic Migraines


Sean Taffler, DPhil.
Paul Reynolds, PhD.


Non-invasive ultrasonic thermal ablation system to target tumors

 Hans-Christian Luedemann
CEO & Founder

Ricky Berger
General Counsel and VP of Business Development

Optical interferometry to determine the liquid fill level of microplate wells

Daniel Burnett

Shane Mangrum


Developing a device-based solution for osteoporosis

Harsh Vathsangam
Co-Founder & CEO
Ade Adesanya

A digital health platform for providing post-acute care management of  cardiopulmonary disease

James R. Berenson
President & CSO
Geoffrey M. Gee Esq.

Secretary & Treasurer


Biomarkers for multiple myeloma


Ella Chio Mui Chan
Ting Song


Biodegradable carrier for protein drug delivery by the mouth

Rajiv Shah
Founder & CEO


A platform of single and multi-analyte sensors for early warning, monitoring, diagnosis and treatment of sepsis and other diseases, such as diabetes and cancer

Paul Weber
President & CEO
Brian Goffenberg


Advanced surgical imaging tools that allow surgeons, radiologists and pathologists to better assess microscopic tissue structures during surgical procedures

Reuben Richards

Gregory Weiss


Electrochemical biosensor platform for low-cost diagnostic testing

 Paulo Rangel
President & CEO

James Appleman Ph.D.


Developing an orally administered TLR7 agonist to stimulate innate immunity in cancer immunotherapy

Jay Cormier




Enhancing Vision to Revitalize Life

William Wittmeyer
Founder, CEO

Bernard Picot
Business Development


Breath analysis for medical diagnosis

Eric Kriegstein
Daniel Burnett
Chairman & Founder


Non-invasive cardiac monitoring device for CHF patients

Lemuel Acosta
Founder & CEO

Kathrina Acosta


A digital platform to streamline the management and augmentation of nursing staff in any given healthcare facility at any given time

Michael Maylahn
 CoFounder & COO
Derek Nielsen
Head of Hardware Dev. 


Devices for remote patient monitoring

Rachel Francine
Co-Founder & CEO
Andy Tubman
Co-Founder & Chief of Therapeutics and Music

A digital health company merging music, health and technology to improve the health and happiness of seniors

Ira Deyhimy
Founder & CEO
Kaveh Shoorideh
Director of Technology

Developing a diagnostic platform that has the potential for making a transformational impact in clinical diagnostics

Ahmed Zobi

Hugo Salas


Stem cells for treating diabetic foot ulcers

Thermal View Monitoring

John Stang
Co-founder & CEO
Mahta Moghaddam
Co-founder & President


Developing an image guidance system that gives surgeons a real-time, 3-D temperature map they can use to identify cancerous cells during thermal ablation therapy

Oliver Foellmer
President & CEO

Leonard H. Rome


Uses the human vault particle to deliver peptide payloads for unique immune signaling

Byron Shen
 Marc Kelly


Developing a Dx platform for rapid and sensitive tests

Vivace Systems, LLC

Rahul Jain
Co-Founder & CEO
Naumaan Nayyar

Healthcare data analytics and SaaS software solutions for operating room scheduling and management

Bassil I. Dahiyat
President & CEO

John J. Kuch
VP, Finance


Redesign antibody drugs from the ground up

Alborz Mahdavi

Seth Lieblich


A pre-clinical stage biotechnology company focused on metabolic disease

Mark A. Varney
Co-Founder & CEO

 Adrian Newman-Tancredi
Co-Founder & CEO

 Discovery and development of novel drugs for the treatment of human central nervous system disorders including Parkinson’s disease, Rett syndrome, depression and schizophrenia.

Ed Ellsworth
Sr VP Business Development



A nanowire biosensor chip, cancer biomarkers and a proprietary analysis algorithm




 Wireless, batteryless  glucose sensor that is smaller than a third of a rice grain, and stays buried under the skin for several months, giving continuous blood sugar readings to a watch-like reader and a smartphone wirelessly

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