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2021 Cohort

Companies Presented in 2021 Conference

  1. Azora Therapeutics (Therapies for serious autoinflammatory diseases)
  2. BCN Biosciences (Developing drugs which target tumors driven by mutations in the RAS protein)
  3. Biology Works (A novel instrument-free, point-of-care molecular diagnostic test for SARS-CoV-2)
  4. Bioself Technology (Sensate: A mindfulness platform that tackles the mental health crisis)
  5. Celldim Therapeutics (Precise diagnosis of metastatic cancer)
  6. Cytoimmune Therapeutics (A clinical-stage company developing immunotherapy products for cancer)
  7. Difinity Solutions Inc. (A medical device company designing and developing NeedSwitch – the world’s first interchangeable and modular autoinjector solution for emergency medication delivery)
  8. Duet Therapeutics (A Scopus BioPharma company creating targeted immunotherapies for treatment-resistant cancers)
  9. EarSpec (Device to diagnose inner ear damage for members of the US military)
  10. eDNA Biotech (Developing a home testing platform technology for molecular diagnosing respiratory infection virus)
  11. Feldan Therapeutics (Proprietary, peptide-based, intracellular delivery technology: Feldan Shuttle)
  12. Glyconics (POC device for detecting blood glucose level non-invasively)
  13. iFirstMedTech (Mobile diagnostics platform)
  14. InvVax (InvVax is a UCLA spinoff utilizing a patented & novel platform to develop vaccines that will prevent pandemics)
  15. Kulia Labs, Inc. (Developing low-cost, single-use tethered cameras (EndoVu®) to screen for esophageal cancers)
  16. Liberate Medical (Respiratory diaphragm muscle stimulator for intubated patients)
  17. Lowell Pharmaceuticals (Regional anti-coagulant for dialysis patients)
  18. Metanoia (Novel platform technology that allows for tissue regeneration by HIF1a/PFKFB3 activation to reverse the loss of b-cell function in diabetics)
  19. Nervonik (Neuromodulation of intractable pain)
  20. NexgenPort (Maximizing remote care in cancer patients using a smart, implantable chemo-port catheter)
  21. nference (An artificial intelligence company focused on data harmonization & de-identification, and curation of structured and unstructured insights from over 10 million patients, 550 million patient EHR notes & billions of associated labs, vitals, images and clinico-molecular data)
  22. Ondine Biomedical (Anti-microbial photo disinfection (aPDT) therapies)
  23. Pace Diagnostics, Inc. (POC diagnostics the company’s ultrasensitive TB antigen rapid detection test)
  24. Perceptive Medical Inc. (Developing a closed-loop blood pressure management system for the OR and ICU to prevent dangerous hypotension events)
  25. PhenoVista Biosciences (Combines automated confocal imaging with scalable liquid handling and informatics to create and implement custom, high content imaging-based phenotypic assays)
  26. Prescient Imaging (Point of care PET imaging)
  27. SafetySpect (A sanitation inspection platform offering a menu of device-driven sanitation, inspection, and disinfection options and capabilities)
  28. Swiftsure Innovations (A medical device company focused on preventing hospital-acquired infections in acute and critical care settings)
  29. Xeno Biosciences (Microbiome therapeutic that mimics the positive effects of gastric bypass surgery for weight loss and T2 diabetes)

Presenters in the previous years: