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Companies Selected to Date

Tiffany Nguyen
Co-founder, CEO

Kimberly Nguyen
Co-founder, BD

Asprodental is a cloud-based dental practice management software.

Nicolas Sohl
CEO & Co-Founder


Regenerative Immunotherapy for retinal disease

Wendian Shi
Co-founder & CEO

Yu-Chong Tai

Help Doctors to Bring Top Tests in House

Vacit Arat
President & CEO

Richard Cardran
Chief Creative Officer

Digital humans for repetitive conversations in healthcare

Delbert L. White

Evan Tsang
VP, Business Development

Helping companies leapfrog tough research and development hurdles

Keith Katz
CEO & Co-Founder

Jennie Katz

Pediatric medication dispensing device

Brand Caso
Co-founder & CEO


Intelligent real-time asset locating, advanced analytics

David Stover
Founder & CEO

Andre Nel
Founder & Director

Drug delivery using nanoparticles

Graham Randall
President & CEO

Donald Prough
Clinical Vice President

Noninvasive precision oximetry

Jack Whalen
 Co-Founder & CEO

Artin Petrossian
Co-Founder & CSO

High-performance electrodes for sensor and stimulator applications.

Byron Shen

Marc Kelly

Proprietary rapid, ultra-sensitive, single-cell detection and quantification platform technology

Mirianas Chachisvilis
President & CEO

Nelson Quintana
VP of Engineering

Point of care skin cancer screening 

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