Presenting Companies

Companies Selected to Date

Keith Katz
CEO & Co-Founder

Jennie Katz

Pediatric medication dispensing device

David Stover
Founder & CEO

Andre Nel
Founder & Director

Drug delivery using nanoparticles

Graham Randall
President & CEO

Donald Prough
Clinical Vice President

Noninvasive precision oximetry

Jack Whalen
 Co-Founder & CEO

Artin Petrossian
Co-Founder & CSO

High-performance electrodes for sensor and stimulator applications.

Byron Shen

Marc Kelly

Proprietary rapid, ultra-sensitive, single-cell detection and quantification platform technology

Mirianas Chachisvilis
President & CEO

Nelson Quintana
VP of Engineering

Point of care skin cancer screening 

2019 Presenters To Be Announced Soon

Dates for Company Screen Session: 

  1. February, 20th
  2. March, 14th
  3. April, 11th
  4. May, 8th
  5. June, 13th 
  6. July, 17th
  7. Company Boot Camp August, 13th and 14th 

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Presenters in the previous years:

2017 Cohort

2018 Cohort